CAMPUS offers a variety of programs designed to train and inspire young people in their journey of spiritual and professional excellence. These programs include our; Internship, Residency, and Scholarship. Learn more by clicking below, 


Held once during Fall and Winter semesters, they provide spiritual and social benefits to students seeking to maintain and share their faith on their campuses. Activities at these weekend retreats include inspiring messages, uplifting music, testimonies, fellowship, and biblical instruction and training for outreach. Students may expect to hear inspiring messages and uplifting music, and share in encouraging Christian fellowship with their peers from all over the state of Michigan.

During the summer, CAMPUS hosts a five-day leadership, educational and development seminar (l.e.a.d.s.) intensive to train leaders in campus ministry. It is held every second weekend of July from Wednesday to Sunday. Some highlights of l.e.a.d.s. are:

CAMPUS staff are on hand for one-on-one instruction

Time is allotted for calendar planning, critique, and review

Guest speakers from CAMPUS staff may be booked onsite for evangelistic series

Leadership teams may pray together and seek the Lord’s guidance in preparation for the beginning of the school year

Registration for each retreat opens on the first of the preceding month.

Students are also encouraged to attend GYC. CAMPUS is the birth place and official sponsor of the GYC, a grassroots young people’s movement committed to academic, professional, and spiritual excellence, as well as to the mission of the Adventist church. CAMPUS considers GYC as an extension of its training program.

Collegiate Sabbath

High School and Collegiate Retreat

Leadership, Educational and Development Training