Many times, we hear the same thing over and over again: within Christianity, as a whole, it appears that the youth are leaving the church, and for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, it is no different. Time and time again, we see our young people leaving the church, but as much as we may try to keep them, by getting them involved in the local church as much as possible with Sabbath School, Pathfinders, and/or AY, they always seem to leave. It’s a problem that many local churches cannot seem to solve: how can we prevent our young people from leaving the church? But what if the answer was not that difficult? What if the solution was simply Jesus? Now, I know this sounds kind of cliche, but I am serious.

This past month , February 15-17, CAMPUS, the Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students, organized their annual Winter Retreat at Camp Au Sable for public university students and young professionals. This year’s theme came from Hebrews 2:9 and the focus of this retreat was to know who is Jesus presented by our guest speaker, Dr. Erhard Gallos.

The weekend was filled with many activities, but above all, students and young professionals had the opportunity to really dive deep into the first few chapters of Hebrews. If only time was not a restrain, I assure you that we would all still be there today studying the rest of the book of Hebrews. We started off Friday night with an introduction of the book of Hebrews by Dr. Gallos, where we really just discussed the background of the book to start off the weekend. We continued reading and dissecting the book of Hebrews all-day Saturday.

While it may seem difficult to get our young people involved in the church, this weekend was proof that all  young people really need is to know who Jesus is. The lack of knowledge of who Jesus really is and what his sacrifice really means is all that we all need to really understand to fully accept the love and sacrifice that God made in giving his only begotten son to save our lives.