By: Roxanne Dobson

Let me be the first to say that I didn’t think setting up a tent on a 5,200-acre college campus would get us anywhere. Our nightly turnout only confirmed my feelings. But God doesn’t think in numbers, He thinks in relationships and proved me grossly wrong.

Benjamin was a student whose room overlooked the CRAVE tent we had set up on campus for a Christian series meant to attract students to small groups. Despite already being involved in a Christian group on Michigan State University’s campus, he had been praying to find a more devout group of Christians on campus. At around the same time Logan, who was also a part of Benjamin’s first Christian group, was doing Bible studies with an Adventist student at MSU. Then enter Ada, who was invited to CRAVE by an Adventist classmate and is also a part of the same Christian group that Benjamin and Logan are a part of.

On a campus of a little over fifty thousand people, coming into contact with three people from the same Christian group in three different ways is nothing short of divine. God continues to work on our friends’ hearts, as Benjamin and Logan have accepted the Sabbath, Logan has become convicted about the law and the Antichrist, and Ada continues to study the Bible with an Adventist student missionary. Not only that, but some Adventist students have started spending time with their Christian group and a few other people from their Christian group have been to small groups and Friday night vespers. God continues to show His faithfulness by blessing our efforts for Him, by changing both our hearts and theirs through the truth.

Roxanne is a CAMPUS Missionary from Stanford University in California.