How we started

In September 1998 the Michigan Conference became the first in the North American Division (NAD) to create a department focused solely on ministry on secular university and college campuses. A year later, CAMPUS (Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students) was established as the nerve center of Michigan Conference’s Public Campus Ministries Department.

Previously located in Ann Arbor, MI, near the University of Michigan, CAMPUS was widely recognized for developing a credible Seventh-day Adventist secular campus ministry in North America. It is also widely perceived as the major center of grassroots spiritual revival that is taking place among Adventist students and youth around the world.

In 2011, the CAMPUS headquarters was moved to East Lansing with the purchase of a house just a few blocks from the campus of Michigan State University. The CAMPUS ministry continues to train students, lay people and pastors to minister to the public university populations.

The CAMPUS Story

The CAMPUS motto-“Taking Higher Education Higher” – reflects CAMPUS’s philosophy of excellence-academic excellence combined with spiritual excellence. CAMPUS believes that “higher education” must lead students to the “Most High” and seeks to make this objective an actual reality in the lives of all students.

Thus, of the different models of Adventist secular campus ministries, CAMPUS takes seriously the challenge of presenting the Three Angels’ messages to public universities. Patterning its training programs after the example of Ezra, CAMPUS seeks to encourage students to “study,” “practice,” and “proclaim” our distinctive Seventh-day Adventist message (Ezra 7:10).

What this means in practical terms is that all CAMPUS-sponsored programs and events must strive to accomplish the following three objectives:

  • Students must be carefully instructed in the fundamentals of the Adventist faith.
  • Students must be led to experience a transformation in their lives, and
  • Students must be encouraged to actively share their faith.



CAMPUS has a viable, sustainable, carefully-planned, and year-round program of training for students.


CAMPUS is the birthplace of GYC, a thriving, grassroots, revival movement organized and led by Adventist young adults.

Biblically Sound

CAMPUS has a biblically-grounded philosophy and methodology of ministry.

Racial Diversity

CAMPUS is one of the few ministries that has succeeded in actually creating a truly racially-diverse and mission-driven student movement.

The CAMPUS Ideals

CAMPUS offers leadership in a Bible-based, mission-driven alternative to Adventist ministry. Summarized below are the key ingredients that have contributed to the success of CAMPUS.

The CAMPUS Leadership Formula

The following factors have shaped the nature and purpose of CAMPUS.


A set of core values clearly defining what CAMPUS is about.


A staff of godly leaders who serve as mentors and role models for students.


A carefully thought-through, year-round program of training for students.


An intentional effort of enabling students to become effective leaders.


Cultivating a culture of soul-winning and outreach among students.


Active encouragement and full support and sponsorship from the Michigan Conference and others.

Core Ideals

The following ideals have inspired the legacy of CAMPUS.


A Bible-based revival movement in which every student is a missionary


Academic excellence combined with spiritual excellence


Biblical simplicity; “Your success is in your simplicity. As soon as you depart from it, your power is gone.” Testimonies to the Church, Vol. 2, p. 608


To prepare secular university campuses for the imminent return of Christ

Don’t settle.
Fulfill God’s purpose.
Be a missionary.